PartnerHacker Daily #187: Build Slowly

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Compound interest

If you're not taking the time to invest in [your partner's] organization, you're probably not going to get much out of it. That advice is true for any relationship. If you want to get something out of it, you better invest in it. – Chris Messina via

Compound interest takes time to build, but eventually takes off to form a hockey stick-type curve. At first, the graph looks unimpressive. But by doing long slow (sometimes boring) diligent work, the investment starts to take off.

Partnerships are the same way. It takes time to get to know your partners. But if you put in the work, and invest in your partner's success, your compound interest starts to grow, and hockey stick curves are bound to come your way.

Partnerships unraveled

Have you heard the latest from the new Partnerships Unraveled Podcast?

In episode #3, Rick van den Bosch, CEO of Channext, and Alex Whitford, VP Partners at Channext discuss:

  • The rise of tech partnerships
  • Is the channel under threat?
  • Why you need to segment your channel partners
  • How to create a network effect by combining channel and tech partnerships
  • How to keep segmentation while avoiding silos
Click the image to listen to episode 3 of the Partnerships Unravelled Podcast.


Image of the Day

diagram showing a network with vs without partners. With partners has lots of connections, without has a few connections.
Reach: with vs. without partners. Thanks Nelson Wang for the image!

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