PartnerHacker Daily #210: Build Trust

Reliable guide vs. salesperson

We are awash in data. When looking for a new product, chances are, we know more about it than the person selling it.

We don't need more data. We need more trust. We need reliable guides who understand how to use the products they sell.

Instead of product specs, we want to hear from someone we can trust.

Build trust by partnering with those who live in the ecosystem where your customers spend their time.

Partner led jobs

Layoffs are tough. Stewart Wesley helped put together a job board for those in partnerships affected by layoffs.

Check it out:

Stewart Wesley's list of partner led jobs
Click the image to go to Stewart's post.


  • Today! - First Friday - PartnerHacker and Superglue present: The European Partner Moment, Today at 10 AM ET (4 PM France/Germany, 3 PM UK). Register here.
  • Dec 7 - Predictions 2023: Channel vs Ecosystem - Justin Zimmerman, Scott Brinker, and Jay McBain will meet up to discuss their partner predictions for 2023. Join them!

Meme of the Day

Meme. Woman asks man: did you ask for leads at your first call with a partner. Man says, "yes". Woman asks, "what did it cost you?' Mans says: "everthing."
Thanks for the meme Dave Mowbray!

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