PartnerHacker Daily #238: Spoons Don't Shovel

No time for wasted effort

Shoveling snow is hard work. You know what's even harder? Shoveling snow with a spoon.

It's not hard work we admire; it's the results that come from it. It's important to work hard on the right things, not just the hard things, and to be effective at what we do.

When all you've got is a spoon, partner with a snow shovel. Or better yet, an industrial strength snow-blower.

In 2023, find those who excel where you're weak and partnerup.

Unlikely book recs

Today's book rec is from Vince Menzione.

As the old guy, Iā€™m strictly old school in picking out a book that helped my world view on business and interaction with others Steven Covey - The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People - I also participated in his workshops and got to hear him speak when a leader at Microsoft.

This book helped in so many areas. A few that stood out are:

  • Begin with the end in mind - understanding my mortality and what outcomes I wanted broadly.
  • First thighs first - prioritizing and doing the important versus the urgent
  • Emotional Bank Account, Trust, Sharpening the Saw - so many things that we as partner leaders need to apply to successful partnering!


  • Partner Ecosystem Kickoff - January 17 - Let's dive into some tactics to make 2023 the best year in the history of partnerships. Don't miss this half-day event. Pre-register here.
  • Amplify Summit - January 17-18 - Affiliate Insider's two-day virtual event where you can learn everything you need to start your affiliate program. Save your seat for free here!

Meme of the Day

Meme. Dwight Schrute with caption: You win by working hard. False. You win by partnering up.
Dwight Schrute knows how to use the partner lever.

Help a partner pro work smarter

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