PartnerHacker Daily #253: What Do Your Partners Really Want?

Be curious; ask your partners what they want

Partnering starts with understanding who you want to partner with and what's most important to their business.

Partnering isn't just about your joint customers. It's a common mistake to focus just on your joint customer. But that's just table stakes. You better be bringing value to the customers.

That's just business 101.

If you really want to level up, you need to find out what's in it for the partner. If you don't understand what's in it for the partner, you'll never form a great partnership.

Find out the top priority of every exec on the team you want to partner with.

Focus on that to partner up and win big.

School is in session with SEBS

We've partnered up with SEBS in our Education Hub  – to bring you the only education center based on the Canalys partner ecosystem framework.

SEBS is one of the most comprehensive partnerships ecosystem education options available.

You can dive deeply into partnerships and learn from amazing instructors like Jay McBain. Get your 101 in partnerships, then go deeper and become an expert in one of the partner pathways.

Register now in our Ed Hub.

We need beautiful marketplaces in 2023

Partner Fleet helps partners display their products or services in a beautiful marketplace. In fact, we use Partner Fleet to power the PartnerHacker Education Hub.

Partner Fleet and Chili Piper just partnered up, making it easy to convert leads from your marketplace.

Congrats on the integration!

It's partners all the way down. Or maybe 'partnerception'?


  • Firneo Sneak Peak: Learn proven systems for building partnerships that scale – February 2nd, 12 PM ET - Learn the proven system for building partnerships that scale your company and career. Register here.
  • Kiflo Roundtable: Partner Recruitment – Tuesday, February 7th - 11:00 AM (CST) – Kick-off 2023 with Kiflo Roundtables. Join Martin Scholz, Justin Zimmerman, and Shawnie Hamer as they tackle partner recruitment. Register here.
  • The Partner Success Maturity Model - Friday, February 10th, 2 - 3:30 PM ET - Kick-back with PartnerPage and PartnerHacker as we unveil the Partner Success Maturity Model, together. Register here.

Quote of the Day

"One of the major principles of partnerships is just literally, don't be a d***head. If you can feel comfortable working with someone without even signing a contract, you know it's a good fit." -- Matt Dornfeld

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