PartnerHacker Daily #261: The One Thing You Control

Be a good human

Building an amazing partnership program is hard. There are lots of things you can't control.

You've got deadlines, projects, partners, and stakeholders to think about.

But do you know what you can control? How you react to all of it.

You can get stressed and grumpy, or you can choose to be positive, friendly, helpful, and engaged.

Be a good human. It's so simple and often overlooked.

As a partner manager, it'll work wonders for you.

*Thanks, Marco De Paulis, for inspiring this section of the PhD.

The power of the pen

Something as simple as turning your greenscreen background off can spark a new convo. Be human; try turning your camera on and nixing the virtual background.

Women of SaaS Unite 💪

Women in SaaS webinar
Celebrate women in SaaS with Reveal.

Reveal is hosting: Women in SaaS: Leading in Partnerships. It's an event to inspire women in the SaaS industry and help those who need professional guidance.

Join Lani Parrocha, Kelly Sarabyn, Rachel Schaeffer, Noémie Goubin, and Taylor Martin, as they dive deep into gender equality, motherhood, and female empowerment.

Mark your calendar: Wednesday, February 15th, at 9AM PST / 6PM CET.

Save your seat here.


  • Women in SaaS: Leading in Partnerships - Wednesday, February 15th, 9 AM PST, 6 PM CET. Reveal is shining the spotlight on women in SaaS. Register here.

Image of the Day

Cold email with no personalization
Don't send emails like this; put your humanity into it! Thanks Dimitar Stanimiroff for the image!

Be a good human - share the PhD with a friend

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