PartnerHacker Daily #56: Shiny Person Syndrome

You've heard of S.O.S.

Shiny Object Syndrome. It often afflicts product and marketing teams.

"If we added this flashy feature, it would go viral!"

Shiny Person Syndrome is real too. It afflicts entire organizations.

"X is not a part of our company culture or DNA at all and we've never made it a priority. If we hire someone to run X, we'll do it well!"

If X is partnerships, you probably know what I'm talking about.

Unfortunately, it's never that easy. You've got to really love and care and invest in something right down to the bones of the company to do it well. You can't just hire a savior to come in and fix it.

If you try, you'll either not attract a good one, or you'll get a good one and lose them quick when they realize their being asked to pull the entire org somewhere it has no intention of going.

The Marketplace 100

A16Z released their 2022 edition of the largest consumer-facing marketplaces.

It's a fascinating report with lots to chew on.

What can B2B learn from some of these companies?

Will we start to see more convergence between B2C and B2B? (e.g. Impact)

Meme of the Day

Courtesy of our friends at

To share with love

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