PartnerHacker Daily #58: Does Brand Need More Love?

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Brand is the best education

Does Apple need a one-pager to help retail partners sell the iPhone?


Because their brand does 98% of the heavy lifting before anyone starts asking about specs.

Something to think about.

(PS - Partner Fluent's Jessie Shipman wants to kill one-pagers too.)

A teaser of more to come?

Thought this was a great post and a great reminder to not neglect the power of brand in the chase to define and measure every tactic and process.

Thank you for saying it Marco!

In fact, this post got me thinking pretty deeply on this topic and how it relates to deer antlers and peacock feathers.

Yes, you heard that right. More to come in the weekend PhD...

Stat of the Day

There are 8,000+ SaaS platforms in the MarTech stack, and just 183 in the channel software stack.

-- Via Chris Murray

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