PartnerHacker Daily #64: Lazy Rivers and Currents

Lazy rivers

Here’s the image: you enter a circular current, and get swept into the motion. It pushes you along faster and further than you might’ve gone, and it’s relaxing to enjoy the journey.

That’s how an ecosystem works, too. It’s like a gravitational pull, or current that moves you around some central body.

While you're being moved by the pull you have so many options and opportunities – talk to someone; enjoy a drink; find a new attraction; create a mental map of the entire landscape, etc.

If someone were to ask you if you would rather try to walk through an entire park, or catch the current of the lazy river, which would you choose?

Partner ecosystems are your lazy river

If you would rather lean into the current and ride the wave, partner ecosystems are a good bet.

Here’s Allan Adler on GoToEcosystem maturity:

GoToEcosystem is widely viewed as the first comprehensive approach to unlocking the vast potential of Partner and Community Ecosystem within B2B SaaS Companies. Here’s picture of the framework for those who are not familiar with our posts.
Click here for the article. 
Allan Adler on LinkedIn: #GoToEcosystem #partnerships #ecosystem
🎥 GoToEcosystem Video Minute – GoToEcosystem – Everybody Can Do It 🎥 🚞 It’s not just the big guys with platforms that can reinvent themselves and GoToEcosystem...

Meme of the Day

Meme brought to you by the fine folks at Reveal. Unlimited partner account mapping & ROI tracking, for free.

Riding the wave

Who do you want by your side, riding the wave and enjoying the momentum? Share the PhD with them.

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