PartnerHacker Daily #76: Partner Sourced Revenue

“Influence is the new inbound”

Highly qualified. Mature. Mutual benefit. Increased levels of trust and influence. Exclusive.

Partner sourced leads are pretty awesome.

No wonder AEs who take the partner pill see incredible returns.

Partner-sourced revenue

Last year, Crossbeam put together 8 tips for showing the impact of partnerships and driving partner sourced revenue earlier.

These tips are increasingly relevant:

  1. Establish partner attribution methods early on
  2. Encourage partners to co-sell by assigning them to partner tiers
  3. Look to OKRs as future goals
  4. Stop focusing on the partners who aren’t delivering
  5. Enable top partners to drive more success
  6. ID partnership evangelists on your sales team
  7. Analyze data over time to ID trends and tie leading indicators of success to revenue
  8. Establish frameworks to ID the most promising co-selling opportunities

Meme of the Day

Thanks Chris Murray for the meme and the LinkedIn post that influenced the intro of this PhD!

Money on the table

Do you know someone leaving money on the table by not focusing on partnerships? Send them this PhD.

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