PartnerHacker Daily #78: You're Broke Without Trust

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Your tech isn’t special

Your partners can replace your tech easier than you think.

A tech moat doesn’t protect you.

When someone wants to partner with you and use your product with their customers, they have to have a reason other than the tech that they want to partner.

Why you instead of your competitors?

No wonder people are turning to people

Trust is the new data.

And community is the new search.

As the infocalypse progresses, algorithms get gamed and channels get saturated. What used to be a self-serve discovery process – where individuals who wanted something hopped online and found it themselves – is becoming so noisy it now requires intermediaries.

Trusted individuals and communities who can sift, filter, curate, and make sense of the sea of weak signals.

If you're only competing in those direct channels, you might be coming across like noise.

This is especially true in the world of content. Are you optimizing for trust, or SEO? Demand for the former is exploding, in part because the latter is less and less valuable.

Pic of the Day

Not overnight

Trust is built over time. If we've earned some of yours, pass the PhD along!

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