PartnerHacker Weekend 10/8: Culture Matters

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Culture scales

The more positive, generous, value-creating interactions I have, the more tone-deaf and offensive fake personalized cold sales messages become.

Bottom-of-the-barrel strategies tend to yield bottom-of-the-barrel customers or partners; the kind who cost more than they're worth.

Do the hard stuff. Build the hard way. Be real.

But does it scale?

Yes, it scales!

In fact, nothing scales with less effort than culture. It has an automatic way of training people.

There are certain companies you know you'll never get a crappy cold sale DM from. It would be totally counter to their culture. It's not even a question. They don't have to train employees not to do it, because the culture does the training.

Creating that kind of culture begins with becoming that kind of leader and letting your team see it in action from the top.

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