Email Template 🕵️‍♀️ - Use This To Get Account Intel

In 5 minutes MAX you’ll get:

→ One major trend we're seeing in B2B Sales.

→ Why you either have to work harder or smarter this year.

→ Email template to get intel on your top accounts.

Sales is changing

I think sales is changing. Cold-calling people all day long is really hard and cold emails aren't working unless you get really creative. I have to think about how do I want people to approach me. If somebody says, 'Hey, I know this person, this is what is going on, I can introduce you to them because your problems are the same as theirs.' Well, of course, that conversation is going to be more valuable.
- Ashley Coghill, AE at Seismic

You've gotta be a detective

Selling has changed. Buying preferences have changed.

And yet, our execs still expect the same results.

To succeed, some resort to working harder.

I saw somebody post today - if you want to be successful, you have to spend four to six hours a day cold-calling. Well, I'm sorry, but I have a pipeline. I have to close things and I have to go through legal and procurement. I cannot spend four to six hours a day cold-calling.
- Ashley Coghill, AE at Seismic

While others are finding ways to work smarter.

They're using partner overlap data to learn about their prospects.

I had an account that I had been working for over a year...Meeting with partners who had already sold to them was awesome, because partners could say, 'this is how long procurement took; this is who I got in front of.' Talking to those partners, 65% of my closed-won last year was technically self sourced.
- Ashley Coghill, AE at Seismic

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Use this template to get intel

Every seller should be leveraging Nearbound Sales plays.

Here's one framework you can use today. Jared Fuller calls it the Three I's – Intel, Influence, Intro.

Use this email template to get intel on Nearbound accounts:

“Hey [Partner name X], I’m talking to [contact Y] next week over at [account Z]. I noticed you closed them last quarter with buy-in from the [A department].

So that I’m presenting the most relevant case about our joint value proposition of [B], would you be willing to share any intel about the business initiative you aligned to?

A few of your top bullets would be extremely helpful, or if you’re open to hopping on a call for 15 mins maybe I could offer up some intel from my side on [C account(s)] you’re selling to which I owned the opportunity for and we can trade notes.”

-Jessie Shipman

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