PartnerHacker Daily #141: Partnerships are Personal

Can't be faked

What does genuine look like? Is there a secret formula? A playbook?

Not really. But you know it when you feel it.

Ever have a Zoom call where someone genuinely laughs (not a fake business laugh)? It immediately changes the dynamic, and everything that happens after that point in the call gets easier.

The genuinely human broke through. Laughter is a shortcut, but there are a lot of ways to get to a real human connection.

Once you do, you can find win-wins quicker without a lot of awkward and protective dancing around.

Time to niche down

It's no longer enough to hire a partnerships person and set them loose, building out your program as a broad catch-all.

The partnerships function is getting more specialized. Several distinct capacities must be mastered. Partner marketing, sales, and ops are just a few.

Check out the full breakdown in Crossbeam's article below.

captioned image: A hiring manager's guide to parnerships roles and job titles
New Era = New Partnerships Roles. Check out Crossbeam's full article here.

Partnerships in the Wild

Picture of collaboration between of ranch and hot sauce.
"Talk about integration partners" Thanks for sharing Marco De Paulis!

We're all for sharing here

Whether that's partnerships news, viral social posts, memes, or stories, we love hearing from you!

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