PartnerHacker Daily #150: Ask the Right Questions

The next First Friday is here! (on the 3rd Thursday)

Instead of asking what your partner agencies can do for you, try asking what you can do for your agencies.

We're hosting this month's First Friday on September 22, (which is actually a Third Thursday); we'll be exploring what agencies actually want with PartnerPage.

Bring your favorite drink, come hang out and learn. It's gonna be lit!


Tactical support

A recent column by Jessie Shipman got me thinking about all the times I've been helpfully unhelpful.

I've often asked, "How can I support you?" trying to add value to my team. But that question is far too vague and frustrating to answer. It puts the burden on the other person.

Try to understand what the problem is before offering your help. Then, provide support in a more actionable way.

What's in it for you?

A few weeks ago, I was at Catalyst 2022. During a Q&A session, Trent Mortensen mentioned that he starts his partnership exploration with a "What's in it for you?" call.

When you start by asking about how a partnership will help the other party, you are seizing the first giver advantage.

Mario Tarabbia asks:

What if the best way to build a successful partner program and attract high-quality, highly-engaged partners is to do the opposite of asking them for something?

Partners won't be interested in you until they know how interested you are in them.

Meme the Day

man celebrating his partner ops automation plans while a big scary guy lurks behind waiting to attack him
Thanks, Jessie Shipman, for the meme!

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