PartnerHacker Daily #247: Surprisingly Hard to Define

I'm an action-biased guy and not a big fan of ivory tower intellectualization.

But there's a Latin phrase that's always stuck with me. Agere sequitur credere.

It means, "Action follows belief".

You have beliefs and assumptions whether you like it or not. Your actions are based on and in line with them. If you never examine those beliefs, you have less control over your actions.

Don't get stuck staring at your navel, but don't assume it's possible to act without ideas either. They're there even if you ignore them. Better examine from time to time.

A fight is breaking out over what partnerships are!

Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic. But there is some interesting discussion on LinkedIn about when and when not to use the term "partnership."

Asher Mathew lit the match with a post calling out some usages of the term:

Asher Mathew LinkedIn post about sponsors not being partners.
Lots of people clearly share this pet peeve!

Ben Wright jumped in with some thoughts of his own:

Ben Wright's defenition of partnerships.

Not satisfied to leave well enough alone, our Chief Market Officer, Isaac Morehouse, decided to pick a fight:

Isaac Morehouse's screenshot from LinkedIn. Hot take: what are partnerships?
There's a lot going on here and some really interesting discussion; check out the thread of comments here.


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Partnerships in the Wild

Primal kitchen BBQ sauce partenrs with Mighty Quinn’s Hawaiian BBQ Baby Back Ribs
Primal Kitchen's BBQ sauce partners up with Mighty Quinn's Hawaiian BBQ Baby Back Ribs! Yum. Click the image to view the video.

The ecosystem needs more perspectives on partnering

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