PartnerHacker Daily #280: Let's Get Clear on Partnerships

The deal took 3,321 days to close

But she closed it.

Get the inside story of how Jill Rowley closed SalesForce (by surrounding them with partners!) during the early days of MarTech when no one knew quite how to use it.

End the week with a laid-back chat about some of the craziest stories in the B2B SaaS trenches.

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Partnerships need clarity

Clarity is maybe the single biggest thing missing from partnerships.

Really amazing sellers know exactly what their purpose is.

They know who they are, what they’re good at, what they’re selling, why it solves their customer’s problems, and they believe wholeheartedly that their existence is helpful.

They have clarity.

Organizational Clarity.

Product Clarity.

Rules of Engagement Clarity.

Partnerships rarely has any of this.

The focus of partnerships, because of its very nature, is all over the place all at once.

We have to find some clarity.

Then we have to start advocating for ourselves using our clarity.

Every organization has a mission statement.

Does your partner organization have one?

It should.

It’s a great place to start to wade through the mess into clarity.

Thanks for contributing clarity to today's PhD, Jessie Shipman.

Can you grow your company with a 100% partner-led approach?

I was talking with Christian Lelaidier the other day about growing your business with a 100% partner-led approach. He's done it, but what about others?

We put out a poll to the ecosystem to find out what others had to say.

Can you grow your company with a 100% partner led approach?
51% said yes, you could grow your company with a 100% partner-led approach.

We had some great feedback in the comments section. Some even submit a video for us to include in our next article. Click here to add your comments.

Brianna Chapman's thoughts on a partner led approach to growing your business.
Chris Lavoie's thoughts on a partner led approach to growing your business.
Alex Glenn's thoughts on a partner led approach to growing your business.
Franz-Josef Schrepf's thoughts on a partner led approach to growing your business.
Shawn Li's thoughts on a partner led approach to growing your business.
Allan Adler's thoughts on partner led approach to growing your business.

It's 2023; time to commit to the power of the ecosystem

SaaS companies: Ecosystem is everything!

But also:
❌ Sales “too busy” to learn about partners and co-sell
❌ CSM “too busy” to introduce partners to customers
❌ Marketing “too busy” for co-marketing
❌ hardly any RevOps support for the partner team
❌ hardly any tech support to get integrations live
❌ “I don’t think you need (budget for) your own tools, just try to somehow repurpose our marketing and sales tech stack”

If you want to build an ecosystem you need to commit. Seriously commit.

Otherwise, you’re just wasting time.

Thanks for contributing to this section of the PhD, Rob Rebholz.


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Partnerships in the Wild

XFL partners with Under Armour. They hope that Under Armour will drive the story of their passion for the sport.

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