PartnerHacker Daily #74: Getting Needed Buy-In

The notoriously inconvincible

Some people look at partnerships and it clicks. Others look at partnerships and just can’t, or won't understand it.

When the progress of your partner program is dependent on those who don't want to buy-in, it can be frustrating.

Those conversations need to be held, and who better to initiate than you?

Maybe you won't speak directly to the decision maker, but why not get started on a pitch?

Ask yourself: what does he/she care about most and how would a partner ecosystem directly impact that?

Then, single your focus into that one point — how can you prove that impact?

The dreaded forgetting curve

The forgetting curve is real.

Tell me it’s not just me — you read something, think you're going to remember it, and when you need it most, can’t for the life of you recall.

That's fine for the normal things, but when it comes to the important stuff, you have to make sure you hedge against that.

If it's hard for you to remember what you've learned, imagine your partners. They're working with multiple vendors and getting enablement stuff dumped on them when they don't need it and have to remember it when they do.

Jessie Shipman outlines a few ways to combat the possibility of forgetting in this article.

Leverage those tactics yourself, of embed them into your learning programs. Just-in-time learning is better than just-in-case learning!

Meme of the Day

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