PartnerHacker Daily #85: PLG is Evolving

Adding another 'P'

Product Led Growth (PLG) is arguably the dominant approach for new SaaS companies. For good reason.

It's too hard to win by getting information in front of prospects. You've gotta let them dive in and use the product itself ASAP.

But what PLG sometimes glosses over is who needs to use the product, and where.

The end-user might not be the right target, and usage may not occur on your own app.

PLG evolution

The Age of Connected Work is a response to the change in how we use software.

In the past, we owned and rented it. Now we just use it how and when we please.

The definition of product-led growth is, "A growth model where product usage drives customer acquisition, retention, and expansion.”

This approach to growth remains accurate, but PLG realized that because usage has changed (we use how we want, when we want), approaches to acquisition, retention, and expansion have to change too.

Read Shawn Li's article about what this means for the industry.

Read the full article.

Meme of the Day

Thanks Ian from Aircall

Principle #6: build community as competitive advantage

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