PartnerHacker Daily #94: Hey! The Game Changed On Us

The marketing game has changed

Marketing changed when finding leads got easier.

Back in the day, marketers had to find the people and communicate information to them.

Now, information is available in spades, and people aren’t hard to find.

The hard part now, is getting people to want your product. It’s not an information game anymore, it’s a desire game.

Going dark

The difference between dark social and dark funnel, as Chris Walker points out, is demand.

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Capturing demand is all about riding the momentum of something already there.

Creating demand is about creating the momentum.

Right now, effective marketing is about creating momentum by creating desire.

Partner Marketing may be the most promising trend when it comes to both creating and capturing demand. Not only do you get cost reduction (e.g. two companies do individual webinars at $x and get 100 leads, vs joint webinar where each pays 1/2 of $X and gets ~200 leads), but you can create a new story with a larger combined value prop and new problem areas to be solved.

You WILL see more (and more creative) partner marketing.

Quote of the Day

“The average customer now uses 7 partners from the early stages before vendor selection, through the initial purchase, to the long-term implementation and endless renewal periods.”

Jay McBain

Sunday Stories

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