PartnerHacker Daily #49: Hey Batter Batter

Who's hitting the homer?

No one wants to be on a losing team.

Good thing you’re in tech!

With this mass movement towards digital transformations, nearly every company is becoming a tech company.

And those that don’t...that’ll be a swing and a miss.

Gartner’s playing ball

Gartner made an e-book about their 2022 vision for leaders in high tech.

Woven into many of their approaches are ecosystems.

What’s also fascinating is how the hallmark of the companies that are successfully leading in tech are also the hallmarks of ecosystems. Take, for example, themes like compatibility, support, customization, industry innovation, and collaboration.

Here’s Gartner's 2022 playbook for Tech General Managers, Product Managers, and Product Marketers.

Tech General Managers
Tech GMs will be focusing on innovation and longevity. Instead of chasing passing fads, they’re going to need to pick and exploit spots in the “anywhere GDP.”

Tech Product Managers
Tech product managers will begin to capitalize on the influx of accurate data. They’ll need to develop an outcome-driven mindset, and narrow their focus to what’s really important for delivering their solutions.

Tech Product Marketers
Lastly, tech product marketers will need to revise their marketing metrics to better align with corporate objectives. They’ll need to embrace a range of marketing channels and market across the customer life-cycle.

Marketing tech products for growth in a post-pandemic world demands that marketing teams seize the opportunity to be strategic partners within the enterprise.
Leadership Vision for High Tech Leaders
Discover the top 3 strategic priorities for high tech leaders
Downloadable PDF

Image of the Day

Source: Jason Lawson

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