PartnerHacker Weekend 07/16: Bill Murray Took the Partner Pill

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Special shout-out to part one of Allan Adler's two-part series on Go-To-Ecosystem

Groundhog day

We watched the movie Groundhog Day for family movie night™ last week and I had a partner epiphany.

I'm not kidding!

Bill Murray plays the protagonist Phil, who is forced to keep living the same day over and over again. He can't get out or make progress.

At first, he tries to uncover the angle – what does he need to do to get unstuck? What's the one quick trick or easy gimmick? He can't find one.

Finally, he stops looking for the angle.

He stops stressing about his own problems and decides to form genuine connections with people. He starts observing problems they're having. He starts solving those problems and creating value. In the process, he sees the need to learn, level up, and better himself, so he can better connect and create value. So he does.

At that point, the spell is broken.

He's finally able to progress and break free of the cycle. Not only is his problem solved, he's happier, more engaged, and more magnetic to others when he's generous and value-creating.

You see the parallels.

If you keep pushing your Sisyphean GTM strategy up the hill, it's likely to keep rolling back down. You wake up every day to do it over again and never seem to get anywhere.

When you finally stop looking for the angle - stop looking for how to beat the game - and start looking at ways to solve the problems and pains of those around you, everything changes. You see the whole world differently.

Like Phil, when you stop trying so hard to win and start trying to help others win, that's when you win.

That's the partner pill.

That's ecosystem thinking. And it's the only way to escape the cycle.

(My kids didn't appreciate my family movie night™ epiphany as much as I hope you do.)

Can you feel the momentum?

Momentum's building in this partnerships space. Can you feel it? Share the PhD with a friend and let's make it impossible to miss.

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