PartnerHacker Weekend 08/06: What Matters Most

A quick recap of the PhD from this week:

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Whew, what a week

Last week was hard.

I mean really hard.

As a team, we suffered through some brutal, tragic stuff outside of work.

The kind of stuff that makes you ask what you'll leave behind when it's all said and done.

What tends to emerge from moments like this is renewed vigor, focus, and dedication to what matters most. Along with that comes discarding everything that doesn't.

I have a personal mantra: delete, shred, destroy.

It sounds negative, but it's actually all about creating room for the positive. Anything that isn't an obvious, "Yes, this is very important", should get cleared out of the way ASAP to make room for what is.

The clutter of less-than-important stuff slowly builds. Until you have some kind of exogenous shock that puts everything into perspective again. You realize you want to focus on truly meaningful stuff. That requires shedding fluff.

Where are your connections strong? Where and with whom do you get more energy back than what you put in? What activities help you create a legacy worth sharing?

Double down there.

Clear out the rest.

We get one life. You get one today. Spend it well. Invest it well.

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